Pilates journey is a transformative experience for many, promoting holistic well-being through mindful movement and controlled exercises. While Pilates is renowned for its numerous benefits, having a knowledgeable and experienced instructor can significantly elevate your practice.

At First Pilates Studios, we take pride in having a team of seasoned Physiotherapists serving as our instructors. These professionals bring with them a deep understanding of anatomy, movement mechanics, injury diagnosis, and treatment, ensuring a comprehensive and informed approach to your Pilates journey.

Get to know our Pilates instructors in Maryborough:

Pauline boasts a five-year tenure as an international physiotherapist, with three years dedicated to serving as a Clinical Instructor and an additional two years as an associate physiotherapist across diverse practice settings. Her particular expertise and passion revolve around geriatric care, post-operative rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal cases.

Ruvimbo brings two years of professional experience as a rotational physiotherapist and a dedicated students' supervisor in both inpatient and outpatient environments. Her fulfilment stems from witnessing patients reach their peak functional capacity and attain the highest possible quality of life. Ruvimbo has a pronounced interest in paediatric care and musculoskeletal conditions, showcasing her commitment to enhancing the well-being of diverse patient populations.

Khrisna graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She possesses extensive experience in addressing individuals with musculoskeletal, neurological, orthopaedic, and geriatric conditions.

Incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine is undoubtedly a positive step towards holistic well-being. However, the key to a truly successful Pilates journey lies in the guidance of a Physiotherapist as your instructor. Their profound knowledge of the human body, ability to assess movement patterns, and expertise in addressing specific challenges make them invaluable partners in your pursuit of optimal health through Pilates. Invest in your well-being and unlock your full potential with a Physiotherapist as your Pilates guide. Your body will thank you for it.