Achieve your fitness goals with us at Alice Springs Pilates Studios! Experience a welcoming atmosphere in our inaugural Pilates studios, where we combine physical and mental fitness to enhance yourself.

With the support of our dedicated team of physiotherapists, we provide reformer and matwork classes designed to help you discover your hidden capabilities. Serving Alice Springs and its surrounding areas, we invite you to launch on a path to wellness and personal growth under our expert guidance.


Membership Options


2 Classes / Week
Month to Month
$50 / Week
$100 / Fortnight
12 Month Contract
$44 / Week
$88 / Fortnight

Transformation Membership

3 Classes / Week
Month to Month
$60 / Week
$120 / Fortnight
12 Month Contract
$54 / Week
$108 / Fortnight

Intro Pack

5 Sessions
Use within 14 Days from First Class


Up-Front Payment Only
10-Class Pack
20-Class Pack
Use within 12 Months

Single Class

No Locked In 

Reformer Classes Alice Springs

Experience a transformation like never before with our Reformer classes in Alice Springs! Discover a world of wellness, strength, and rejuvenation as you shape your body with our expert instructors. Our latest reformer machines will guide you on a fitness journey, offering low-impact exercises that improve flexibility, posture, and core strength.

At Reformer classes Alice Springs, we cater to all levels of fitness from beginners to seasoned pros. Our classes are designed to challenge and motivate, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Feel the burn, see the results, and embark on a path to a healthier life.

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Matwork Classes Alice Springs

A popular form of exercise that primarily focuses on mat-based exercises and Pilates techniques. These classes are designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall fitness without the need for specialized equipment, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Matwork classes in Alice Springs offer numerous benefits, including improved core strength, posture, and muscle tone. They can also help alleviate back pain, enhance body awareness, and promote relaxation through controlled breathing and mindful movement.

Our instructors can tailor exercises to meet individual needs, making it an inclusive option for those individuals seeking a full-body workout.

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Begin your Pilates adventure at First Pilates Studios Alice Springs, where the magic begins with every breath and move. Our team of certified instructors is here to help you get fit in a fun and healthy way.

At First Pilates, we have a friendly place for everyone, whether you're new to exercise or super skilled. Whether you want to get bendier, make your tummy muscles strong, or just have some relaxing time, our studio is the best spot to start.

Pilates is amazing and makes your life better. Try it now, and you'll not only get healthier but also think more clearly and feel happier inside.

No need to wait – start being a better you today. Come to First Pilates Alice Springs and find your potential. Your amazing change is right around the corner.



Welcome to First Pilates Studios in Alice Springs, where we blend physical fitness with mental wellness. Just like our original studio, we're backed by the professional expertise of physiotherapists. Serving Alice Springs and the nearby regions, we offer Reformer and Matwork classes designed to unlock your hidden potential.

Opening Hours

Monday: 6am-10am, 5pm-7pm
Tuesday: 7am-10am, 5pm-6pm
Wednesday: 6am-10am, 5pm-7pm
Thursday: 6am-10am, 5pm-7pm
Friday: 7am-10am, 5pm-6pm
Saturday: 7am-10am
Sunday: Closed


3 Traeger Ave, The Gap, Alice Springs NT 0870
(08) 8952 1666

Our Other Locations

Our commitment to transforming lives through the power of Pilates extends across multiple locations. Founded in Albany by two dedicated Physiotherapists, we've expanded our horizons to bring the magic of Pilates to communities across Australia, from Alice Springs to Hervey Bay, Launceston to Mount Isa, and even Renmark and Rockhampton. Our latest addition, 

In each of these unique locations, we blend physical fitness with mental wellness, offering a diverse range of classes, including Reformer and Matwork, guided by our team of Physiotherapists-turned-Pilates-gurus. Our mission remains constant: to empower individuals and enhance lives through mindful movement, body awareness, and the transformative experience of Pilates. Join us at one of our studios, and together, we'll unlock your inner strength and supercharge your fitness journey.

I absolutely love First Pilates Studios! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and attentive, making sure I get the most out of every session. The studio atmosphere is warm and inviting, making it a pleasure to attend each class. I've noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and strength since joining. Highly recommended!


First Pilates Studios has been a game-changer for my fitness journey! The reformer pilates classes are challenging yet enjoyable, and the instructors make sure to tailor the workouts to individual needs. The studio space is clean and well-maintained, creating a positive environment to work on my fitness goals.


I can't get enough of First Pilates Studios! The reformer pilates classes are fantastic, and the variety of exercises keeps things interesting. The instructors are friendly and encouraging, always motivating me to push my limits. Joining this studio has been one of the best decisions I've made for my health and well-being.


First Pilates Studios is a hidden gem! The classes are suitable for all fitness levels, and the instructors take the time to ensure everyone is doing the exercises correctly. I've experienced significant improvements in my core strength and overall body tone. If you're looking for an exceptional pilates experience, look no further!


I can't speak highly enough of First Pilates Studios. The ambiance is serene, creating a calming space to focus on my practice. The instructors are fantastic and have helped me progress in my pilates journey. It's an ideal place to unwind, tone your body, and boost your overall well-being.


I am so grateful for First Pilates Studios! The reformer pilates classes have transformed my fitness level and posture. The studio's emphasis on proper form and alignment has made a noticeable difference in my daily life. I leave each class feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!


First Pilates Studios is a must-try! The studio offers a wide range of class times, making it easy to fit pilates into my busy schedule. The instructors are passionate about what they do, and their enthusiasm is contagious. I always leave the studio feeling inspired and eager to come back for more.

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