Wellness is a big deal for us humans, right? Staying healthy and living our best lives is the goal. Sometimes, we need a pro to guide us, especially in staying fit – it's like having a roadmap. Choosing pros can be tricky. Take Pilates, for example; certified instructors are key. It's like navigating a smooth sea with someone who really knows their stuff.

Did You Know?

'Pilates instructor' isn't a tightly guarded title. While technically certification isn't a must, in practice, it pretty much is. In the Pilates world, there's no strict rulebook, no mandatory licensing – it's a bit like the wild west. But of course, most studios and clients expect Pilates instructors to be certified.1

At First Pilates Alice Springs, our instructors don't just stop at being certified – they've got an extra title up their sleeves; they're physiotherapists too. So, what's the scoop on that?

What are physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are experts in both preventing and rehabilitating.2 They collaborate with individuals to address pain management, balance, mobility, and motor function. Their expertise extends across the lifespan, addressing the impact of various factors like diseases, health conditions, injuries, environmental factors, aging, disorders, and weight issues.3

What sets Physiotherapist Pilates Instructors apart?

Imagine working with someone who not only understands but has a degree-level comprehension of how bodies function and move. They continuously prove their commitment to evidence-based, up-to-date, and effective treatments through examinations and ongoing education.4

Who are the Pilates Instructors in First Pilates Alice Springs?

Say hello to the incredible faces behind First Pilates in Health First Alice Springs – our instructors who are also passionate physiotherapists!

First on the list is Aim Espiritu, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. With 5 years of industry experience as a Physical Therapist in a government hospital in the Philippines, Aim has gained proficiency in treating patients with stroke, shoulder and back injuries, and fractures, thanks to her exposure to both acute and ambulatory care settings. Her expertise extends further through private practice (home care services) and volunteer work with geriatric patients and those with cerebral palsy.

Following Aim is Eib Quizon, a qualified physiotherapist with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She brings years of experience from private practice and has conducted home health visits across a diverse patient caseload. Eib holds a special interest in musculoskeletal, geriatric, and neurological cases.

Last but not least is Muhammad Rizwan, who holds a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) and a Master of Science in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy. Muhammad specialises in pre and post-operative rehabilitation, focusing strongly on chronic lower back and neck pain, including cervicogenic headaches. His expertise also encompasses sports injuries rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation.

Always Remember!

Choosing a physiotherapist Pilates instructor means more than a workout; it means a personalised approach backed by extensive knowledge and hands-on experience. Join us on a journey where you're not just a client; you're a priority for professionals dedicated to your well-being, every single step of the way.


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